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Campus Status

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University leaders and the COVID-19 Response Team continue to monitor conditions and adjust policies to support the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding Bethlehem community.

Current Campus Status

The below chart is updated as needed to reflect the current campus status at any given time given current COVID-related conditions. 

Area Current Status
CLASSROOMS In person, except in case of changes communicated by instructor or lab director; Instructors and lab directors may require masks 
DINING In-person dining open; view Lehigh Dining hours 

Check website for updates & hours; SHM fitness center open

EWFM/ LINDERMAN  LIBRARIES Undergraduate & graduate access open

No limits on gatherings and meetings. 


Optional with some exceptions. Masks REQUIRED in the Health and Wellness Center. Masks RECOMMENDED on Lehigh buses. Masks may be required in classrooms if determined by instructor. Masks REQUIRED when isolating or quarantining. Masks may be required in specific contexts or where people who are at high risk for complications due to COVID are located. In these situations signage and/or other means will be used to communicate this requirement. Events, meetings and registrar-scheduled classes may be areas where masking is required by event organizers or instructors.

VISITORS No COVID restrictions on most general visitors;  Academic visitors fall under the policy noted. Read more.

In making decisions to restrict or lessen restrictions on campus operations, factors the university monitors include:

  • the number of active cases on campus
  • evidence of community spread
  • the positivity rate of Lehigh COVID-19 testing
  • the availability of testing and processing turnaround times
  • local hospital capacity
  • the emergence of new state restrictions or guidance, among others

Any restrictions to campus activity or university facilities are implemented for the health and safety of the community and are continually revisited with the goal of reopening/resuming activity as soon as practicable. 

Contact: For questions regarding these areas, reference the COVID-19 contacts resource page