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COVID-19 Response Team

Last Updated: Jul. 20, 2022 at 10:47 am

The COVID-19 Response Team constitutes a command center for the purposes of assessing and addressing day-to-day University operations and the evolving health issues impacting our community.

The COVID-19 Response Team (CRT) has the decision-making authority to implement plans and actions at the University level to ensure the health and safety of the campus community and the surrounding Bethlehem community. The CRT works in concert with University leadership and existing Task Force committees to analyze data, review plans and develop strategies to respond to COVID-19 issues based on CDC, federal, state, county, city and University guidance. The CRT also meets with faculty, staff and student leadership weekly.

The CRT responds to COVID-19-related emergencies and inquiries, evaluates changing guidance from public health officials, makes recommendations to senior leadership on establishing protocols, and enacts contingency plans related to the virus.

With a myriad of safety and health-related matters that influence and affect our campus and Southside community, the CRT primarily focuses on and responds to: positive COVID-19 tests within our campus community, isolation and quarantine matters, changing conditions that warrant operational adjustments, Health and Wellness Center operations and capabilities, testing operations and capabilities, behavioral issues, non-compliance issues, PPE availability, and questions from key stakeholders such as parents, students, visitors, staff, faculty, the community and the city.


COVID-19 Response Team


  • Nathan Urban
  • Lucy Bowen
  • Steven Bowers
  • Ric Hall
  • Chris Halladay
  • Kelly Hochbein
  • Jackie Krasas
  • Pat Mann
  • Kim Nimmo
  • Jason Schiffer
  • Carina Sitkus
  • Erik Walker
  • Christine Wolfe - Lehigh Valley Health Network, Occupational Health Nurse