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Red QR Code Actions

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Students, faculty, staff and contractors/visitors who receive a red QR code should consult with the appropriate health provider.


For those who indicated you don’t feel well or have experienced symptoms, even if you do not believe they are COVID-19 related, you should remain home, get well, and retake the self-assessment the next day you plan to perform activities on campus.

Undergraduate and graduate students should:

  • Remain in their student housing and call the LU Health and Wellness Center 610-758-3870 for further guidance.

Faculty and staff should:

  • Remain home and contact your supervisor to inform them that you will not be coming to campus. You should also contact the LVHN occupational health contact. 

Contractors/Visitors should:

  • Remain home and reschedule travel to the Lehigh campus. Contractors should inform their direct supervisor.